Vern Russell has been painting the American West for over 40 years!

"The whole world is my teacher and God guides my hand and I apologize to no one for not having a degree in the arts!"

Farley’s Barn

12 x 24 – Acrylic on Masonite Panel Farley’s barn sits in the backyard of a friend and is almost ready to fall down. The...

Citadel Rock

14 x 18 – Litho Print – Limited Edition of 260 Signed & numbered by the artist The original painting is in the collection of Printcraft Press....

When Steam Meets Steel

22 x 28 – Oil on Canvas

World’s Best Fisherman

24 x 18 – Acrylic on Canvas    

Rocky Mountain Majesty

  12 x 16 – Acrylic on Canvas

View From Packsaddle

16 x 20 – Acrylic on Canvas Painted in the studio in Oct. 2012 There is an area west across the valley from the west...